Interface XMLNode

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AbstractAction, AbstractButton, AbstractChart, AbstractCriteria, AbstractGrid, AbstractWidget, Accordion, AccordionItem, Action, Button, ButtonAction, Chart, ChartAxis, ChartLegend, ChartParameter, ChartSerie, ChartTooltip, Column, Commit, Component, Container, ContextButton, ContextSeparator, Criteria, Delete, Dependency, DependencyAction, DependencyElement, Dialog, Element, Email, Email, EnumeratedGroup, Frame, Global, Grid, GroupHeader, Image, Include, IncludeTarget, Info, InfoButton, InfoCriteria, Insert, Link, MaintainQuery, Menu, MenuContainer, Message, Multiple, Option, Panelable, PivotTable, Profile, Query, Queue, Queue, Resizable, RetrieveData, Screen, Serve, Service, Tab, TabContainer, Tag, TagList, Target, Update, Video, View, Widget, WidgetParameter, Window, Wizard, WizardPanel

public interface XMLNode extends Serializable
XMLNode Interface Thread safe read for XML nodes
Pablo GARCIA - 03//2010
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    Modifier and Type
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      String getElementKey()
      the elementKey